Just who is
Bobo T. Clown??

 What started out as a part-time hobby has blossomed into a more than part-time business for Berlin, New Hampshire local Shawn Murphy. At the prompting of friends, family, and acquaintances, he donned his first clown costume in time to go around with his children on Halloween night, 1997. Since then, word of mouth has lead him to entertain at several local and not-so-local business events and quite a few birthday parties.

 Realizing that there was quite a potential for his talents in the area, Mr. Murphy searched out, found and attended classes in the art of clowning. At the Professor Offtop Memorial Clown School in Brentwood, New Hampshire, and under the auspicious guidance of instructors "Cheezo" & "J", he learned just what it means to be an entertainer of this sort. The classes focused on appropriate behaviors, color costume coordinating, facial make-up application and removal techniques, juggling, magic, and of course, balloon-gineering. The latter has become his personal favorite, after magic performances.

 Add to this, an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from the New Hampshire Community Technical College in Berlin, New Hampshire, and you begin to realize the potential he has for establishing a successful entertainment business. He accredits his jovial abilities with children to his many years of personal experience raising three children of his own, along with "those enlightening psychology classes" at the college.

  Although his business name, "Bobo Entertainment", is now officially registered in and recognized by the state of New Hampshire, he does not limit himself to doing business solely in this state. Going by the motto "Have wand, will travel", he has been invited to perform his ‘magical’ production at private homes and for businesses in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and even Rhode Island. Performing at private parties, public functions, nursing homes, restaurants, department and other stores’ grand openings, resorts, hospitals & child care picnics has brought him a wealth of experience which has only added to his unique style and abilities.

 His "Lite Inter-Active Children’s Magic Show" as he calls it, is not to be taken too ‘litely‘. Whether the actual ‘magic’ is in the feats that he has the participants perform, or in watching the encouragement and pride develop in the youngsters that he calls upon is something only you can decide. Either way, it is truly enjoyable watching as this colorfully animated individual tries unsuccessfully to achieve what only the participants can do. He has developed a style, which is unique and ‘lite-hearted’ enough to command laughter and respect from both infants and ‘grumpys’ alike.

 His outfit, which he has personally designed and created (with some help), is certainly one to invoke a warm smile and feelings of joy. In keeping with the simplicity of his chosen name ‘Bobo’ (Spanish translation for 'Foolish One'), his outfit is themed around the colors of a rainbow. This fact is made clearly evident by the use of basic colors throughout his costume.

To schedule Bobo for your party or business event,
EMAIL: mrbobo@bobo-t-clown.com

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