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A lot of folks like to send messages by way of e-mail. This allows a person's comments to be sent, and received by the intended recipient, almost immediately. Email messaging is great for getting a short message through, in a jiffy. If you want to get a little message to Bobo, send it via your e-mail system, and I may post it here, for others to see. This may allow others to see how well Bobo does his job of entertaining. And that may help me to get more business ... which I definitely need right about now.

The following are a few messages I have received, concerning my performances:

... We came to New Hampshire and saw your show Saturday night at the Nordic Village. My son, Dylan, was the boy who helped you put the balloon pump together at the very beginning of the show. You made his night! He's still talking about how silly you are and wants to know when he can see you again. This is the 2nd year in a row that we stayed at Nordic Village and saw your show - you are so great with the kids!

If we don't make it up there next year - I'll send you an email and maybe you can join us for his next birthday. But our trip to NH to see Story Land and you, is becoming a nice, family tradition.

Keep up the good work of making the kids smile! Wishing you all the best. ....... Jean

Hi Bobo, I'm sitting here with Siena and she is VERY excited to receive a response from you. We will be coming up to Story land the first week of July, so we will see you at Nordic. I asked Siena what her favorite part of your show was and she said " all of it" but, she really likes the part where you make balloons for all the kids. She thinks you're very funny and very nice.

We hope you're well, and we very much look forward to seeing you in July

Warmest regards, ....... Christian & Siena

I just wanted to say thanks again for your long journey down to Peabody on Sunday for Danielle's birthday party. You absolutely made her day! She could not stop talking about you that night and the past two days. She truly had a celebrity at her very own birthday party!

I will download the video off the camera and get it to you as soon as possible. Watching it (several times!!!!) and seeing Danielle's excitement is a lot of fun for us and a great memory recorded as well.

Keep up the good clowning - see you up at Nordic Village next season! ..... Mr. G

Just wanted to say once again, thank you so much for yesterday!! You were fantastic and I was getting calls last night from some of the children thanking me for having such a great party because "bobo was so awesome and cool". I will definitely keep you in mind for any future events.


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