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Bobo's Official Fan Club officially came together on July 20, 2000. Pizza and soda were served to everybody at the opening Pizza Party at Mr. Pizza restaurant in Gorham, New Hampshire. 12 kids signed up that day as the first official members. They each received a paper id tag to identify their status. We introduced ourselves, discussed ideas for club activities, and played with balloons. But mostly, we just enjoyed the PIZZA! Since then, 23 more names have been added to the roster! Some live in Massachusetts, and some are in Maine, but we all love Bobo and PIZZA!

For my current Fan Club members, be sure to send me your ideas on the design of the new badges. Since we have several kids wanting to join up, we need to move quickly on getting the new design approved, and the new badges ready to go. Our last badge update brought us from the original paper id tags to what we have now... badge-a-minute pins! Do we all want to stay with this style, or change it again? Now is your chance to speak up on this project.

Also, I thought the first annual Spooktacular Pizza Fest at Mr. Pizza's restaurant went rather well. I saw some very nice and interesting costumes. I could see that the kids had a great time while parading all around the restaurant and trying for prizes. To my dismay, though, we did not get to do everything I had planned on doing. The winner of the coloring contest was determined by Bobo and the staff shortly after all the guests had gone home.

If you know someone who would like to join Bobo's Fan Club Just have him or her send me a short letter describing what he/she knows and likes about Bobo, and why he/she would like to be a Fan Club Member.

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