Bobo Says...

Well, it kinda looks like Spring is stepping up to the plate!

And, it is high time too! In my travels, I have seen the changes occurring. While Winter dolldrums still hold our local people captive, the light and warmer temperatures of a brighter season have begun to set in to the south. I have been amazed at the stark differences that present theirselves to me as I travel the roads between here and my business destinations, just a few hours away. I see the diminishing quantities of snowpiles, until suddenly, they're gone. And just the opposite is true as I make my way back home, up here in the mountains of New Hampshire. I have to smile wryly as I pick up on the first snowpacs I pass by, for though it means I am closing in on home, it also magnifies the fact that I live too far North of warmer temperatures, and easier financial success.

The snowpiles are just about gone up here, and small, scattered growths of green can now be seen around the area. I am anxious to get to do some raking in the yard. The Autumn and Winter debris clearly beacons to me. I have a great white maple tree in the back yard, leaning as it is, that provides me with ample raking necessity. Last Autumn's leaves, and small branches broken off by the heavy snows clutter the yard, and mask it's intrinsic beauty. Yes, I see beauty in that as well, for it serves to remind me that life here on this Earth is always changing, and that we humans (I) must keep up with those changes. We need to embrace the changes in life, accept them gracefully, thankfully, and allow them to bring us along on our own personal journey through this life.

Make the time to sit in a quiet place, and think about all the changes in your life. Have you openly embraced them, or have you been dragged along, kicking and screaming? Since it is inevitable, and we can not stop the changes, only modify them to better suit our purposes, I invite you to embrace the little changes that come your way, and make them work for you, not against you.

I wish you all well. I hope to be able to see you enjoying the life you have chosen. Know that I am here, and if I can be of assistance, just ask Bobo.

Question of the day:

Where do you want to be in five years?

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