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September, 2010:
Hi, I'm Bobo. I have been entertaining New England families since October of 1997. That means I have been doing this business for just about thirteen years!
I travel to homes, resorts, business locations, and many other spots around New England, to present my "Inter-Active Children's 'Lite' Magic and Balloon Creations Show". At any of my shows, you'll see the active participation of people in the audience, and lots of smiles and laughter from the kids as they each get one of my fascinating balloon creations. I like to make interesting hats, a menagerie of animals, worthy swords, and impressive flowers during the "Balloon-Tyme" part of my presentations. My magic show consists of choice selected 'Lite' comical magic routines, most of which require me to get the children in the audience involved. I kinda goof things up a little and they set me straight. If time allows, or if requested during the show, I like to lead the gang in a round of the 'Chicken Dance'. I find that many kids do not know the moves to this dance, but that's ok, because I teach them well. The kids (and the adults too) always have a great time at my shows.

I'm often called a Saint. Probably because I exhibit great patience with the children, even when they get a bit roudy. I just quiet them, sit them down, and continue with whatever task I'm working on. Sometimes, when I don't notice the magic happening, but they do, it gets a bit loud and funny!

Many times, people ask me "How far do you travel for a party?" I confirm for them that I am a travelling clown, and if you'll pay the travel fee for me to get to you, I'll go all over New England!

In fact, most of the work that I do, requires me to travel some long distances. Up here in the mountains, we measure distance by time. I've driven over 5 hours to get to one birthday party. I live up near the base of Mount Washington, but my work is not limited to this area alone. I have been to homes and bussinesses hours away from my own. From personal Birthday Parties and Holiday Parties, to Grand Opening celebrations, to organized Youth Activities, to Church Functions and Family Get-togethers. I've been there, made the show a success, and had a blast!

I feel it is important to note here, that I very much enjoy working with kids of 'different' abilities. I love the smiles and interesting attitudes they can present. If you are involved with these kids, and you have any particular events coming up, please give me a call.

Hire Bobo to entertain at your location for birthday parties and family gatherings, or commercial events to help bring in customers. I have fans scattered all over the New England area.

  • Bobo's 'Inter-active Lite Magic show' and Balloon Creations Presentation has won praise for over 12 years.
  • Bobo is known and loved by folks of all ages, from all around New England, and even some in foreign countries.
  • It doesn't matter what language or abilities, Bobo gets the message of FUN to just about any person he works with.
Please contact me by email for more details on hiring Bobo T. Clown for your own personal party of fun!

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